BILLIOMAR GROUP represents Manuel Ros's passion for the F-B industry

May 3, 2020

New York City, May 4, 2020 ( - It's clear the intention to expand FINSOR business area, especially now that its Founder has decided to develop, over twelve major countries, the new concept made for the women called WOMANIZER.

BILLIOMAR GROUP is a subsidiary of FINSOR HOLDING, which has been created to be the vehicle to invest the holding equities into the F&B industry without adopting a normal strategy. No existing business acquisitions will be performed, the only reason for the new company, is to own the brand as well as promote the WOMANIZER unique concept.

The corporate mission is to open twelve WOMANIZER's, one each the best cities, where the women occupy a large part of the culture, representing the dedicate values and criteria express by the identity, Manuel Ros intent to offer to the brand.

Each Women's Amphitheater will be formed by various areas offering a metamorphosis of the entire structure overnight. A make-up and hair salon are constantly present to offer women the necessary services to stimulate their individual beauty, femininity, and sensuality.

Everything is made to evidence and stimulate the woman class and elegance, inside WOMANIZER, the female is the Queen and her identity must be in evidence, along with her importance in the society.

Manuel Ros has not released yet the entire investment value but has been estimating over USD 100 Million, including the main collaboration with major fashion houses in charge to produce WOMANIZER products, available for sale inside each WOMANIZER fashion store present at each Amphitheater, as well online.

BILLIOMAR has the intention to carry out a social message in women's benefit, to represent and protect all of them using any channel possible. Several agreements with the major worldwide women associations are existing, considering BILLIOMAR intention to support women victims of abuse and denigration from men.

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